May 19, 2019: Possibilities

It’s my Birthday tomorrow.

So, obviously, as is tradition now I have booked the day off work. No-one will be escaping on my watch tomorrow.

Apart from us.

Because we’re racking up four rooms during the course of the day tomorrow – an intensive three-room blitz in the morning and then a leisurely room to finish off in the evening.

Can’t bloomin’ wait.

Obviously, then, with all that in the pipeline the following things have happened – Carole spent the day in London yesterday and has walked so much that her legs no longer work properly and she has trouble bending, and I have had a run in with – well, I’ll spare you the details – but it makes the prospect of being locked in rooms a lot more exciting, I can tell you!

But still, we will let nothing stop us in our pursuit of escapery. If we have to we’ll dip Carole in a vat of Deep Heat in the morning and I’ll take as many Imodium as is safe to take in as short a period as possible.

What could possibly go wrong?

As it is, I am actually going to turn into bed before midnight (dun dun duuuuun!) so that my escaping brain is fully rested for the trials and tribulations ahead of it. And so that I can wake up early and be showered in presents because I am shallow and materialistic.

Not really!

But still…. Presents!