May 21, 2019: Cake

Probably the greatest moment yesterday – nay, of all time – was TGI Friday’s finding out it was my birthday and not doing all that happy-clappy shite they do.

I think that was in part due to our flare-covered server who was chatty as anything, about anything and was actually doing quite a bit for the level of customer service in the place. And by quite a bit I mean he brought me a piece of birthday cake, complete with candle, and didn’t sing or clap at me.

TGI’s was the mid-point of our day yesterday. A much needed rest and refuel after three intensive hours of escaping (because we’re aces) and not drinking enough in the warm rooms.

The three rooms we played in the morning (Gem Runner, Corruption and University of Magic: Dragon’s Heart) were all brilliant and we really enjoyed them all – apart from an initial ten minutes in Corruption which Carole didn’t really enjoy because it was dark and the torches they gave us were crapola. But they were all good rooms with some nice touches in them, and it was nice to see the evolution of the rooms as we played through them in build order.

But post TGI’s – and post walk round a park that took us a ridiculous amount of time to get to because we managed to drive in and out of it in the same move – was the piece de resistance of the day.

The Vikings room at Extremescape is beautiful. It’s lovely. Amazing. Atmospheric. And so much bloody fun.

There was stuff in there that was just mindblowing in terms of complexity and the effect if had in the room. And I don’t mean puzzle complexity, I mean behind the scenes nerd stuff. We hung around after we’d played to talk about the room and got to see a lot of the secrets behind the curtain and it was all amazing, especially to someone who wants to design rooms for our new (if it ever goes through) building. It was a real eye-opener on what can be done with the application of a bit/lot of tech.

I was like, “So how did that work?” for one bit because it had the same sort of sleight of hand you’d expect from a good quality magic trick. And I was not disappointed with the secret, either. Not that I expected to be.

Honestly, it’s brilliant.

And more brilliant in a way because it’s running on an “if you know it’s there, it’s there” basis at the moment, so playing it feels like being part of a very exclusive club. Which is really nice.

And then today I was watching something this afternoon, and just fell asleep on the couch – sitting up – like an old person would.

So my birthday yesterday has, apparently, reduced me to that.