May 22, 2019: Race

One I things I particularly enjoyed getting for my birthday was a stack of political leaflets, each one telling me that they were the only party that could sort out Brexit.


Enough already.

My favourite was the English Democrats which is, well, you can work out what it is. I think it predominantly rhymes with bassist.

Vote for us, they cry, we are determined to make St George’s Day a national holiday. That was their main feature. Top of their list of things. That immediately sets them at a level that some of your more bellend and unfollowed friends on Facebook are at. Because everyone has at least one friend on Facebook who shares some guff about St George’s Day being a holiday. And that is the exact person the English Democrats want.

Although presumably it’ll only be a holiday for the actual British people. I don’t know how that will be policed. But I’m sure they will do it.

The level of thinly veiled racist shit that comes through the door nowadays, in this limbo Brexit world is amazing. And you know each and every one will say they’re not racist. But if you’re not then why are we only fussed about England? Why are we taking OUR country back? And all that other jazz.

It’s the Trump effect. MAGA and all that crap. MEGA is clearly what we’re aiming for over here. Although we should maybe downgrade the G a little bit. Go for something else. Maybe Make England Vaguely Competent Again. Something like that.

Labour had gone to the trouble of writing a pamphlet over the leaflet approach adopted by the other parties. It was nice of them to put in the effort. But then they put the wet lettuce indecisive gnome on the front of it, so that’s as far as I got.

Not to mention I sent my vote in a while ago now so all this stuff is dead weight.