May 23, 2019: Board

Tonight we journeyed outside of our comfort zone into playing board games underneath a shop.

I had many reservations about this whole affair, but actually the concept of it makes sense to me. We don’t play enough board games at home any more, what with one thing and another and this is a good way to play games – which we enjoy – and hang out with people we like. By which I mean Addy and her boyfriend. There are other people in this group that we’re in, but it’s early days yet and we’re not ready to mingle in any way, shape or form.

So we played a few games.

And I didn’t win anything. Addy and Joe have never played the games we played. We have played the games we played. I have most definitely played the games we played.


Every time.


Stupid games.

Joe won both games of Kingdom Builder and Addy shared the victory in a quick game of Gloom. I won nothing and lost everything.

Stupid games.

I think I’m going to insist we only play co-op games next week so that if we do win I win on everyone’s coat tails. And if we lose then everyone will feel as miserable and rubbish as I do. It seems the fairest way to do it.

What’s quite good fun, though, is that there’s a library of games at the back of the room which we can use as well. So it’s a nice way to try out a few games that I’ve heard of but haven’t had the chance to experience. I spotted Galaxy Trucker today which, I believe, is great fun. But not something that we’ve got or played.

And we get to play 3+player games as well, which means that the likes of Catan can be on the table.

Not that I have ever won that in all the times I’ve ever played it. So pfft to that one.

Stupid games.

I’m trying for a bit of Chronicles of Crime for next week because I think the crime scene thing will be quite fun to play with “the kids” and from what we’ve played as a two it’ll definitely be fun in a four – twice the peeps, twice the arguments about what to do next! Haha.

I suppose at some point we’ll talk to the other people there. Just not quite yet…