May 25, 2019: Scam

I can’t tell if I’ve stumbled into a scam universe or whether I’m just imagining it because I’m over-cautious when it comes to emails, and because I understand how the internet works and that arseholes prevail but…

So I did the online shop this afternoon. Because the online shop is super convenient and means we don’t have to go to the shops, but the flip side of that is that instead of being annoyed about going to the actual shop, you begin to feel “ugh” about actually doing the shopping. Some weeks you’re fine and dandy and it’s done in super quick time. Other times, not so much and you’re doing it the day before and hoping for a decent delivery slot.

But I did it. I clicked it all through and probably forgot a couple of things. But I did it. And I checked it out which is always a good step because of that one time I forgot and have never been allowed to forget that I forgot. SO I did all that. We even got a confirmation that it was all done.

And then an hour later, I got an email saying that the shop was waiting to be checked out. It was still sitting in the trolley. It gave me a list of some of the things it contained, and said I should go and check it out by clicking on the link in the email.

Which was weird because I had checked out.

I logged in manually, and checked and the order was there and completed.

So I went back and had another look at the email.

And it seemed legit. Like the most legit I have seen an email look. There was no long character string address behind the email handle. No dubious links. No spelling mistakes. Nothing like that.

It was weird. It tingled my spider sense, though, because the email called me Jacob.

Which, you know, is my name.

But it’s not the name the online shop knows me by. The online shop was set up by Carole, so everything is in her name. And yet…

It was like one of those crime shows where the murderer gives themselves up unwittingly by saying, “I could never stab anyone…” and the cops say, “Who said anything about stabbing…” and then they try and wriggle out of it. It was like, “How do you know my name, email? I have never told you my name…”


Has someone hijacked the backend of an online shopping service in order to scam people? Was I supposed to log in, worried about whether I would get my salad or not, and they snaffled my bank details? I don’t understand. Mainly HOW DOES IT KNOW MY NAME? It knows my name, but not that I already checked out… I mean… what?

Is this the new Nigerian Prince thing. They’re targeting the fears of online shoppers that they might not get their onions.

It’s a bold move.