May 27, 2019: Ads

One of the things I enjoyed in the cinema yesterday was the pre-film advertising. Not the trailers. I mean, everyone loves the trailers. In a way, the film is secondary to whether or not you get a trailer for a film you’re really looking forward to seeing (hello X-Men, hello Spider-man).

But the adverts before the trailers are the worst bit. Everyone knows that. They’re tedious AF, as the kids would say. In an ideal world they wouldn’t be there at all, but it’s the ad revenue that pays for things and money makes the world go round.

The majority of films we see are not, it has to be said, PG. And so you get a wide range of adverts – video games, watches, cars… that sort of thing. When it’s PG, you get two types of adverts. Toys. And cars. That’s it.

The toy adverts are obviously for the children. Hey kids, look there’s a toy based on a thing. You could get that.

And then the car adverts are obviously targeted at the parents.

I’ve never understood the need for car adverts at the cinema. You see more adverts, for more types of cars, at the cinema than you do at any other place or time. What it is about the cinema experience that sees you as a car-driving adult being persuaded to get a new car? Are you more likely to buy if you’ve been to the cinema? What are the stats on that?

I mean, clearly when it comes to the kids, they are just advert sponges and if it looks fun and colourful they’ll want it. But does the same apply for the car adverts? I don’t think we’ve ever left a screening and Carole has turned to me and said, “That was a really good film but all the way through I was thinking about that Honda advert…”

They do nothing for me. I know that.

Some of the toys though… they look really cool.