May 30, 2019: Crime

Another Thursday, another game night.

And a chance to play a simple little game – Dungeon Mayhem – with four people instead of our usual two.

It completely changes the game. And by changes I mean, gives me a chance to win. Which I did. Woohoo. Well, once at least.

And then we switched over to Chronicles of Crime which was probably not the best choice.

It’s an awesome game of crime-solving deduction and it’s beautiful to play. But I get the impression that it didn’t go down as well as it could. And the fact that we didn’t finish the case we were on, having not given ourselves enough time to play it is even worse. It’s probably not one we’ll bring back to the communal table – in this setting at least. So we have a crime – serial killers no less – going unsolved.

Until tomorrow, probably.

Addy from work, who comes to the games nights with us, needs the crime solving so there’s quite a strong chance that to make things easier for everyone involved, I might just have to play through the whole case myself tomorrow and try and get to the bottom of it. If only because whenever we play this game (whether it’s me and Carole, or tonight) people’s slipshod approach to how we ask the questions causes me upset. We’re in one location – we should exhaust everything there and then move on, not just jump between places at random asking people things as we think of them…

And to turn up to a crime scene and not ask the officer in charge about it… I mean, that’s just sloppy police work.

Oh and also because I definitely still want to blue tack it all to the wall and may well do that tomorrow while no-one’s here.