Jun 1, 2019: Odd

It’s been a strange day today.

One I have struggled to get my head round.

It’s a Saturday. It’s definitely a Saturday. And yet… I have not been in work.

In fact, it’s been a weird week this week. Because it’s been half term. Children have been everywhere. The feral street children have been in the garden, endlessly, retrieving footballs. Or riding their bikes up and down looking for someone to torment. Children have been in town, running around shops and getting in the way.

But at work we’ve had wall-to-wall adult only groups.

Barely any children at all. So yeah, it’s been a weird week. A week as busy as a normal week, but all during the week and not spaced out into the weekend as well. A strange, strange week.

So I have found myself at home on a Saturday.

But I didn’t waste it. I put some quality time into solving the crime we started at games night the other day. Starting from the beginning and solving things in the way I wanted to – which is to say, a methodical manner – I soon uncovered the truth. A truth which, in all honesty, I’d sort of fathomed out on Thursday night – it came to me, perfectly formed, as I lay in bed. I just needed to do the leg work – or finger work, I guess, as it was all done with QR codes – to give my theory flesh.

And I was right.

And, I won’t lie, it was really bloomin’ satisfying to see it unfold as I thought it would. There’s definitely stuff I could have done better – even though I knew what was going on I still managed to take long enough that three other people died. I don’t know whether they all had to die to fit the story or whether I could have busted out a solve a little earlier based on a hunch rather than fastening everything up with a bow.

Countless police procedural shows have characters who go with their gut. I should have trusted mine. Innocent people could have been saved, dammit.

Such is the cross I bear…

Like I said, weird day!