Jun 2, 2019: Eco

We went to see my mum today. We haven’t seen her for a few weeks, and Carole needed to get some paperwork completed for their Thelma and Louise style trip to see my uncle in France later on in the month.

I did not enjoy the visit as much as I should have.

One idle comment about flushing or not flushing the toilet sent my mother into a rant about water pressure, stating that ever since she had had her water meter fitted the water had been like a dull trickle. I’d never noticed this, and it was the first time she’d ever mentioned it. The water meter was fitted years ago…

And then I asked her a question about the shower, as she said it was a pathetic dribble. Which it wasn’t. But I asked if the setting she was on – Eco – could have anything to do with it.

And so she had a go at me.

Which was nice.

And then I had a go back.

And everything got a bit awful. And Carole had to take my mum for a walk round the garden for a bit.

And that sort of set the tone for the whole visit. Because after that I didn’t want to ask her anything particularly, as post-stroke mother is a grumpy cow when she wants to be. I suppose, in all honesty, I have no room to talk because I am like that and I haven’t had a stroke, so maybe I should use it as some sort of eye-opening experience.

It doesn’t make it fun, though, to try and do jobs of sudden vital import when you’re being shouted at for asking a question.

And then, obviously, I got worked up about the amount of interfering my aunt and her friends do in mum’s life, but how they never seem to be around for the shit stuff. And a bit upset about the fact that mum had been put on different tables and nearly passed out on a walk with my aunt the other week and hadn’t thought to mention it.

And… you know… it was just one of those things where every little thing built up on top of the initial thing until it was all shit.

And when we got home I just pretty much gave up.

God, I wish I’d been at work…