Jun 4, 2019: Sock

I’m not a big fan of socks. Which is a strange thing to admit. But I’m not. I’ll where them when society decides it is appropriate – i.e. when wearing shoes of some sort, or if we have visitors who don’t want to see my hideous feet which are tough as old boots from walking around with no socks on.

When I do wear socks, I have a habit of removing them in places where I come to rest in the evening. Be that on the couch or in front of the computer or whatever. They are they gathered up and placed in front of the washing machine. But you can use the socks to track my evening time movements. Or to at least establish where I was at one given moment of the night.

Unless Peppa gets involved.

Peppa has a habit of covering up her food with things she finds lying around. Her food bowl in the kitchen is in reasonable proximity to the washing machine, and we deposit dirty tea towels in front of the washer to be washed. Quite often we will find one of these dragged across her food, presumably to protect it from all the other cats in the house who may want to eat it. Or just because she’s crazy trains.

The other night, though, she has taken this one step further and started covering her water fountain.

With my socks.

I noticed I was a sock short as I gathered them for washing, but that is often what happens – one will be dropped on route from wash basket to washing machine and it throws all the maths out and generally shows up later. But this was definitely a pair that had been used to mark my movements of the night before…

… and it would appear, if you looked at its location, that I had been paddling.

Peppa had dragged it to the top of her water fountain and was attempting to hide the source of her water with it. Again, presumably from all the other cats that live in the house. Or because she’s crazy trains.

I know there’s a charcoal filter in the cat fountain, but I can’t imagine it’s faced anything like the challenge of filtering the taste of my feet from water before….