Jun 5, 2019: Logo

I enjoy gaming. I enjoy gaming a lot.

What I don’t enjoy, necessarily, are other gamers. Because other gamers are arseholes. Not all of them, of course. My Friends lists are full of people who aren’t arseholes, carefully chosen, vetted and removed accordingly.

But generally, other gamers are arseholes. Sexist, racist and homophobic are three of the nicer things you can say about some of them.

Which is why I am massively enjoying the utter outrage being displayed when gaming entities – in this case Xbox and Eurogamer – change their logo to incorporate the Pride flag.

Honestly, “Xbox has changed its profile picture” had so many comments and it was outstanding. So many people were selling up and going to Playstation because Xbox dared to show support for something, made funnier by the fact that Playstation had released an entire Pride-based dashboard theme so they wouldn’t even be safe there. The best, though, were the ones immediately ditching their Xboxes and turning to PC. Because PCs don’t have any of this nonsense, forgetting that the company that makes Xbox also dabbles is something called Windows.

“That’s it, I’m selling my Xbox…” as though you saying that would make Microsoft say, “Oh no, okay. Um, sorry D3athK1ll3rXXXX we’ll change it back…” It used to be the same at the bank – “If you don’t sort this immediately, I am closing my account…” No, go on, do it. You’re making much more work for yourself. Have at it. You nob.

It was the same over at Eurogamer. So many people unfollowing the page, vowing never to read a word or watch a video again.

“I’m not bothered about this, but…” is one of my favourite phrases. Because the very existence of the “but” means you are bothered.

At the end of the day, its just a logo. Nothing else changes. Just the logo looks more colourful for a month, then it’s back to normal. In much the same way as when people come out or change genders they are just the same but their logo is different.

Nothing changes when it comes to their content. And yet one little logo change sends people scurrying for the hills. It shouldn’t happen in this day and age but politics is heading back into the dark ages and people are arseholes.

And gamers are arseholes. Not all. But some. And if these logo changes gave led to some of the bellends forsaking their Xboxes then good. Maybe it’ll make the rare occassions I go online for games (Hello, Sea Of Thieves) a little bit more bearable.

Double rainbows all jthe way.