Jun 6, 2019: Game

We’ve gone from being the quietest, most reserved team at the weekly games nights to probably the nosiest. All in the space of three weeks and quite a lot of fun and frolics.

This week we went into unknown territory with a play of some games off the shelf of games at the end of the room. Which made carrying all our heavy ones super fun and worthwhile. But it was good to play some other stuff that we don’t normally play or get a chance to because of limited players.

Needless to say I was all sorts of hopeless at them.

Skulls – lost.

Some Chinese-themed dice thing that I can’t remember the name of – started strong, was in the lead for a bit. Lost.

And Zombie Dice… lost.

So it’s good that I can apply my skills of not winning things to entirely new games as well as games we know about. If nothing else, at least I’m consistent.

There’s a couple of other games on the shelves I definitely want to try my hand at, having seen them on a few websites and Instagram feeds in the past. I have a copy of Lords Of Waterdeep at my feet that I impulse bought the other day, having watched a Game The Game episode. And I fancy Charterstone as well, but that’s a legacy game so we’re in that for the long haul. And we haven’t yet touched Pandemic Legacy… so we need to sort that out as well..

So many games, so little time. Until next Thursday, anyway.