Jun 10, 2019: Saviour

Today I was a hero to plants everywhere.

Well, no, just plants in one particular pot in the garden.

It turns out when Carole did all her planting yesterday, she forgot to put any drainage holes in one of the pots and so, this morning, her freshly planted sunflowers were swimming in what turned out to be half-a-bucketful of water.

But in rides me to the rescue.

Using my extensive gardening knowledge – which is to say zero gardening knowledge – I have (hopefully) managed to save the day. I was like a little garden MacGuyver. I knew what I needed to achieve, I just wasn’t sure how to do it. But utilising a plastic scoop, an old colander that Carole uses to sieve soil, a bucket and some expert balancing I was able to get most of the water out of the pot. And I managed to drill in some drainage holes.

Which isn’t easy when one hand is holding up a pot of waterlogged soil and the other is holding a drill. Normally I would push against the tub because the tub would be on a surface. But I had to sort of bring both my arms together and hope for the best. Which was, in this case, drilling a hole without spaffing a tub full of mud down myself. Or anywhere else, for that matter. After all Mrs Next Door had spent a good hour or so washing her patio this morning, imagine if I’d showered it in dropped mud. I would have been public enemy number one.

Surprisingly I came out of the whole endeavour surprisingly clean.

I just hope that my replanted sunflowers – because they are totally mine now – are able to grow to lofty heights despite the hardships they have endured.

The biggest of which is a person who knows nothing about gardening having anything to do with them in the first place.