Jun 13, 2019: Minus

Another Thursday, so it must be games night.

And, again, another Thursday where we’ve increased the roster to five of us, so it was out with the games we knew and in with a load of new things to play – something peacocky, Downforce and Dixit.

And, again, another Thursday where I won nothing. Nothing. Not a sausage. I had absolutely awful points in two of the games. Dixit was a respectable show and actually much easier than I thought it might be to see what craziness the others were coming up with.

But, crucially, no wins for me.

Obviously, I only go for the banter and the fun. It’s not about winning. Winning doesn’t define a person.

But even so… it’d be nice, just once in a while, to be able to win something. Scoring minus one in the first round of a game when others are racking up 10s and 12s is a little bit disheartening. Scoring minus one in the first round of a game that you understand, but Carole gets four and has NO IDEA WHAT IS HAPPPENING. AT ALL is hugely disheartening.

But it’s about the experience. Not the winning.

Absolutely not the winning.

Carole’s away next week…. maybe I’ll be in with a shot!