Jun 15, 2019: End

It’s the end of an era. Sort of. In a way.

For the past three or four months I have been devouring every episode of Game The Game’s play through of Betrayal at House On The Hill and the last episode has popped up on YouTube today.

And I’ve devoured that as well.

And it was fricking awesome. The whole thing was great. And made even better by the fact that it’s a legacy game that I don’t think we’d really ever get a chance to play as it’s a lot of commitment (13 or so game sessions of a couple of hours a piece) to get through it. So it’s probably not something we could play at games night.

Or maybe it is.

I know I’ve seen a playthrough of the game, but judging from the comments on the videos there are a number of ways that the game can twist and turn as you play along so maybe, actually, there is some merit in finding the time, and setting aside quarter of a year, to play it through on a Thursday night.

And, you know, it has a sort of collective win/lose outcome so I could actually emerge victorious from the whole thing. Although I probably wouldn’t and would end up being the traitor and dying a horrible death.

But it’s definitely inspired a bit of a desire to play Legacy games. I like the idea of things in early games affecting outcomes later down the line, in ways you may not anticipate. We have Pandemic Legacy waiting her to be played. Maybe that could be a game we dedicate three months of Thursday nights to.

Either way, I’m sad to see to the playthrough of Betrayal end. It’s been a mainstay of several different cooking and baking exploits in the kitchen. I’m going to have to find something else to binge now…