Jun 16, 2019: Dad

It’s been a weird day today.

As a family, we never really made a huge fuss over Mother’s or Father’s day. We’d give cards, but that was about it. No presents. No grand gestures. So Father’s day without a father hasn’t been that big a deal, after all it’s the third one so time is a great healer and all that.

But bugger me, this one has been strange.

Dad has been on my mind a fair bit, and I don’t really know why. The only thing I can attribute it to is the massively overwhelming shower of Father’s Day related things that I have come into contact with over the past month or so. Every company I’ve come across or ticked all the boxes on the marketing algorithm for has bombarded my eyeballs with their shoe-horned Father’s day bollocks.

And Facebook, as you would imagine, has been awash with dads who are here and dads who aren’t.

It’s just…. it’s been weird.

I don’t know why. I thought I was all good with this.

Maybe it’s the added element of Carole taking my mum to France at the end of this week. Maybe that’s making me think of dad because it should be him doing it (and, arguably, me but the lack of passport and lack of desire to spend three days being entertained by my uncle go against it).

I don’t know. But he’s definitely been on my mind. I guess he always is, in some small way. But he’s definitely made his presence known recently and even more so today.

But it’s nearly over and he can go back into the recesses of my mind for a bit and give my brain a rest from the stresses and strains of emotional trials and tribulations…