Jun 17, 2019: Sauce

I’ve had quite a kitchen-centric day today.

I’ve actually cooked things which it feels like I haven’t done in forever. I don’t know why, but doing all that – which genuinely makes me happy – has fallen by the wayside. I mean, the last few weeks have felt quite bitty so that might be why, but whatever the reason I’ve put a stop to it today.

I jumped back on the horse with a loaf of bread because I can do bread with no fuss and it’s always awesome. And kneading the dough is a great way to work out any angst and stresses you might feel.

And I dabbled in the art of pasta sauce making, on a huge and ridiculous scale. We got some massive pans from mum (they were dad’s but mum isn’t going to cook anything that would warrant pans that size) and they’re awesome. And it’s really weird, but they suit Italian stuff. You feel like you’re doing authentic Italian cooking of you have a tomato sauce bubbling away in one, or pasta in another. I guess, at some point, my brain has absorbed an image of an Italian home with a massive pan in it. And now it just feels right.

Which is all well and good.

But you’d think it would take less than six hours for the sauce to cool down.

Cook it, blitz it, cool it, bag it.

It’s a simple process. And yet the cooling and bagging part takes forever. I have the bagging down to a fine art now, with bags tucked inside large Sport Direct mugs giving both a decent sized opening for pouring the source and a reasonably easy way of working out portions. It’s just the cooling part.

I made it this afternoon.

At 10pm it was still at a temperature that, if I had been served it, I would have been happy with.

No-one tells you that tomato sauce has such excellent heat retention capabilities.

It’s a miracle sauce. I reckon if you ran pasta sauce through radiators you could save a fortune on heating bills as it will just stay warm for far longer than water.

Which is all great unless you want to bag it up and freeze it.

So now, as it gets on towards midnight, I’m both staying up for a play and because my life is dictated by the temperature of some sauce.

I am being controlled by foodstuffs.

Bested by my own cooking.