Jun 18, 2019: Card

The other day I was shopping for a birthday card for my mum.

I don’t enjoy shopping for cards all that much as when you hit the birthday category a lot of them draw from the limited field that your chosen birthday boy or girl is a massive alcoholic or a sex maniac.

What I’m saying is, the post-stroke birthday card market is quite sparse.

I did find one, though, that was in consideration for a while. It was a card that fell into the drunkard category but also ticked the post-stroke box magnificently.

It said, simply, Let’s Get Ready To Stumble.

What is more perfect for someone who now can’t see on her left side and uses her white stick to assault other pedestrians?



But then it was a moral decision. Would she find it offensive? Did I actually, in the context I wished to use it, think it was cruel? It was funny. It amused me greatly. But was it a (wobbly) step too far?

I chickened out in the end, i got a card with a colorised picture of four old biddies flashing their knickers so I could make reference to her and her gang of older lady delinquents.

But I have regrets…