Jun 25, 2019: Aerial

There was a woman on the bus this morning who did nothing, for the entire journey, but complain about as many things as she possibly could.

Nothing was off limits. People, places, technology.

My favourite complaint was about the fact that she had to wait somewhere while a timed, electric cash drawer had to open to give her some money. I don’t know where this was. She didn’t name and shame in this instance. She just ranted about how this was supposed to be progress and that times were much better when the banks just stamped things.

To prove her point she managed to dredge up an incident from quite a few years ago when the town centre of Huddersfield had a power cut one Saturday afternoon. “The banks couldn’t do anything,” she said. “It’s all computers now. They can’t do anything if they have no power. They should just stick to stamping things like they used to do, that was much better.”

Because as you know, once stamped a piece of paper must hand over money immediately.

Not that you could spend it, in her scenario, as the whole of town was at a grinding halt due to a lack of power. But still. She was right, everyone else was wrong.
She complained about how her TV signal hasn’t been right since “they moved masts”. Her daughter has even bought her a new aerial and she has one on her roof and nothing is any better. Sitting towards the back of the bus as an earwigging layman, it sounded 100% like she just needed to retune her TV rather than keep attaching more and more aerials to it like it’s some sort of radio frequency detecting Borg.

And don’t get her started on workmen. They don’t know what they’re doing. They dig holes and then just stare into them with their hands in their pockets, not doing anything.

At least they’re not just attaching aerials to the hole in the hope it will just work…