Jun 26, 2019: Booked

We’ve sat down this evening and done the booking of shows for the Fringe. We do it around the same time every year, but every year one or the other us considers us to be scarily late in the booking of things.

I love booking Fringe shows because it means I get to spend ages fighting with a spreadsheet, trying to slot shows together in ways which make the most sense from a moving around Edinburgh point of view. You don’t want, for example, to go from The Stand to Pleasance Courtyard and back to The Stand in the space of three or four hours. That’s just crazy trains. Especially because we tend to employ Shank’s pony for the most part because getting a bus from new to old or old to new Edinburgh isn’t worth it – not from a cost point of view, but from a buses unable to travel particularly fast because of people just meandering across roads on a whim.

And then there’s the added fun that every year the venues just change slightly. Some disappear. New ones appear. And you have to reacquaint yourself with the layout of the city and how long it will take between venues. Because the entire integrity of the spreadsheet depends on it.

And if Suzi Ruffell was watching her bookings tonight, live, she’d have seen two tickets appear and disappear from every single day of the week we’re there as I have moved her show so many times to squeeze her in and minimise the waiting around time.

It’s a finely crafted thing of beauty.

But now I’ve done it and booked and paid for all the tickets I realise I have made a huge mistake.

I hardly left any space for escape rooms. We did eight last year while we were up there… and there are some new ones to pick at this year… and I’ve booked us in to see people make us laugh.

What the chuff am I thinking?