Jun 27, 2019: Win

Thursday night is games night.


I won a bloody game. Of Coup. Which we played once. Because I won it. Anything I don’t win, we play it two or three times. Yeah, everyone else cries, lets play this again. When it’s me winning, though, you’ve never seen a group of people pack up and choose something else more quickly.

It wasn’t all unicorns and rainbows, though. We crashed out in Pandemic. Three diseases fell but we ran out of turns before the black could be beaten. And we were on easy mode. But still… we can try that one again another week.

Coup, I won with a beautiful lack of bluffing. Honesty really is the best policy. Or at least it was, for those few beautiful moments where I won. Did I mention I won? Well I did.

And then Fluxx. Doctor Who Fluxx. A game that no-one understood, and that everyone hated the rules – and their changes – of. And that went on for longer than any known game of Fluxx ever. Which is sort of appropriate in a timey-wimey kind of way. But we played two games, and one game lasted for about five minutes and the other for the rest of time. We might still actually be playing it now, as I write this.

Onwards to next week…