Jun 28, 2019: Cool

One of the great perks of living next door to who we live next door to is that we get to learn what is cool in the world of da yoof. We aren’t quite at the cutting edge, but we are cutting edge adjacent.

Obviously when it comes to music, that is shared freely and openly with anyone in a several mile radius. And that song that samples the nursery rhyme “heads, shoulders, knees and toes” hits me in the feels every time I hear it. It’s just so beautiful. I’m holding out hope that one day, through the wall or played out across everyone’s gardens I’ll get to here the street, urban, grime or whatever the frick it is version of Little Bo Peep. My fingers remain crossed.

But fashion is a big thing. We want to be cool. We want to be hip. With it. You know, all those things. For example, I know that I should own at least two tracksuits in each of the colours you would find on a TV’s component cable. I also know that you should co-ordinate with you friend group to make sure that when you’re out doing cool shit in bus shelters, or maybe a car park, you retain you own identity. Sort of like the Power Rangers.

But today, today I was privy to probably the best bit of fashion I have ever seen. Ever. Nothing can top this.

It’s a warm day. You want to be cool, but also look cool.

So what you do is you wear a t-shirt. But you only put one arm through a sleeve.

So you wear it, in essence, like a reverse toga.

The arm you’ve chosen not to sleeve is completely uncovered, as is everything from the shoulder down. The t-shirt, for that side, remains bunched on your shoulder.

I tried it.

Carole said “NO!” quite firmly.

But when you’re cool, you don’t listen. You don’t confirm. You’re cool.

I am totally typing this with one arm out of my t-shirt and there is nothing you can do about it.