Jun 29, 2019: Warm

It has been a smidge warm today, but due to the accurate forecasting powers of the weather that has come as a surprise to absolutely no-one and everyone was completely prepared. Obviously.

What I did find surprising, though, is that no-one I saw in town (and I looked, specifically) seemed to be sporting the one-arm-in-one-arm-out t-shirt method I revealed yesterday. I find it hard to believe it is only my neighbour who does that. He is cutting edge, after all.

My own personal tip for keeping cool I put to good use after work today. Work was quite warm, as it can be, so we have deployed the ambience-uining fans into the rooms to keep them at, hopefully, pleasant levels of temperature.

As there are players of escape rooms who are offended by plug sockets, I can only image that fans would send them into an absolute tizz but, you know what, we’d rather that than several cases of heatstroke so suck it up hypothetical princesses.

So we got work to a reasonably cool level. But the outside world was muggy and warm, and with a hot hot bus ride in my future I did what any sane person would do.

I went into Sainsbury’s, which is by the bus stop, and enjoyed their air con for a while until the bus arrived. I walked up and down the various fridge aisles. Browsing, not buying. I walked around the freezer bit browsing, again, as I’d heard of a mythical Neapolitan Vienetta but I have yet to see it with my own eyes. But mainly I was just enjoying how cool it was.

And then I got on the bus and sweat was pouring off me in seconds. The driver let so many people on the bus that one of the ladies on the bus turned to her friend and said, “This is like being back home in India!” which I found to be more amusing than I probably should have.

And the person sitting next to me didn’t move away when there were multiple empty double seats.

Who even does that? I’m willing to let it slide because of the heat so he might not have been thinking straight but if it happens again…