Jul 1, 2019: Basket

In summers gone by, we’ve not had a problem with breezy weather (while it’s warm and the window’s open) because we had curtains you could shoot peas through.

Not only did they do a cracking job of letting in every available photon of light, the also allowed wind to pass through unhampered.

Spin forward to now. On Saturday it was hot, but now we’re on the downward slope – colder and more breezy. And now we have blackout curtains. These suckers let nothing through. No light. No wind.

They inflate like sails, billowing into the room undetered by anything.

What they’ve taken to doing, is billowing so much that they push the empty washbaskets off the top of the blanket box. These then crash to the floor and scare the shit out of one cat and two humans.

Especially at 1.30 in the morning.

Although Carole “Your snoring wakes me up” Shaw managed to sleep on through the plastic cacophony.

So apparently my snoring is louder than that, then. Louder than a sound that ordinarily startles cat and human alike.