Jul 2, 2019: Strap

So the other week I hurt my ankle. I might have mentioned it a couple of times in passing. No big deal. Could have broken it, probably quite easily. But all I did was sprain it quite badly so that walking on it was agony.

Over the past week and a half or so, I have rested it and put it in a tubigrip bandage which was way too small and therefore rather uncomfortable. But with the added bonus of keeping the swelling right down. As well as keeping blood away from my foot, which is not the best thing.

So I ordered a support online. A strap that you wind around your leg in some sort of fashion that’s not easy to do to your own leg and Carole had to Google. But it worked, it supported and now literally a day after getting it and wearing it my ankle is fine. I can do stairs without wincing. I can walk. Run (probably, don’t feel the need to try it). Jump (again, probably). Dance (ha). You know, all the major foot things.

Now, was it just the natural healing process and the huge amount of rest I have given it. Or was it the bandage which cost almost ten earth pounds? Which healed me the most.

I know which I want it to be. I know which it might turn out to be, though.

Having said that, with Edinburgh’s epic walking schedule coming at us in five weeks or so, I think I’ll be hanging on to the walking support. After all, if I can’t manage to walk around a relatively flat Huddersfield then Edinburgh – a place where step makers are treated like gods – is going to see me off completely.

Also, I am massively clumsy, so it’s only a matter of time before I do it again. Or something else which requires the magic strap. After all, I fell over outside Westmister Abbey (over nothing), leaving the LBT in Huddersfield (over nothing), in the car park at the West Yorkshire Playhouse (over nothing).

I definitely have form.