Jul 3, 2019: Sleep

I think I had one of my best nights of insomnia last night.

I went up to bed and lay there for nearly three hours without a scrap of sleep before I got up for a wee and basically came downstairs for a bit, reasoning that downstairs I could put a light on and read or watch dull YouTube videos with lots of text in them which would send me right off to sleep.

I could do that. Except that first I needed to reboot the router for some reason.

And then Alexa just lit up and sent her blue light spinning for a while – I assume she was either downloading some new updates or I caught her in the act of sending all our information to the listening people for filing and deducing what sort of adverts we’d like to receive based on what we’ve been talking about this week.

You know what’s not conducive to sleep? Alexa lighting the room up like the police are coming.

Oh, and rebooting the router.

Oh and the fact that it gets light really early so I get to experience the first light of morning streaming through the back door. Which isn’t usually a problem but we’ve taken the door off to be sanded and painted, so there’s nothing to stop the flow of photons.

But hey, boring wordy YouTube did the trick and I managed to fall asleep. At about half past four, as it turns out. As I started to nod off with my Kindle in my hand, I must have moved as if I was going to drop it and my half-asleep brain moved my arm to catch it which resulted in me slamming the Kindle into myself. Which woke me from the beginnings of slumber. Quite abruptly, as you can imagine. But hey, have you even really fallen asleep in this day and age if you haven’t slammed some technology into your face in your drowsiest moments?

What I’m enjoying the most, though, about my crap night’s sleep is how much more awake I am today. Which is entirely counter-intuitive and just plain wrong. I should haven’t been as awake as I have been, but it would appear I am.

I assume it will all come to a crashing halt as my head hits a pillow. But I’m certainly enjoying it for now.

I mean, it might be the first signs of madness brought on by lack of sleep. But still, it’s been good.