Jul 5, 2019: Fault

To add to the fun of last night’s game night, when we came to set off home the car broke down and we ended up parked up in a slightly dubious bit of town, waiting for the AA to come.

We knew what it was – as it has happened three times prior to this – but we also know that the AA vans don’t necessarily have the one part that we need to get on our way and, occasionally, we have to wait for another van to come and trade off the part.

And, you know, I’d been riding the bad luck streak pretty hard yesterday – losing all the games, falling half in and half out of the bath (no biggy, hurt like a bitch though) and who knows what else. So I set myself up for the worst possible scenario.

The AA came within like fifteen minutes, had the part and we were fixed.

That has never happened before. I mean, we got lucky. The guy who collected the job decided to head into Huddersfield rather than pootle over to Leeds after his last job, so as the job came in he was practically no distance away from us. But I like to think it’s because it was a warm night and every other time it’s been cold and we’ve waited for ages.

So we won at that.

It’s always nice to end games night on a positive!