Jul 9, 2019: Game

We had a bit of an impromptu games night tonight, just Carole and myself, playing through one of the Exit The Game escape-room-style games in a box things.

We’ve played a few of these before and they’re a mixture of hit-and-miss puzzles that, sometimes, even if you read the solution don’t make a whole heap of sense.

But this one, Dead Man On The Orient Express, is probably the best one we’ve played to date. The puzzles were excellent. There were some really good moments in there that were stupidly satisfying to solve our way through.

The Exit series of games is made to be destroyed as you play it. It’s pretty much a one-shot game. There are ways to play them so as to protect everything in the box and allow you to pass it on to other people to play, but doing that you lose a lot of the tactile nature of things.

Although it still feels really strange to be cutting up cards or tearing pages out of booklets, even after having done it in the past with previous games. We were only on the first puzzle and we were cutting things into pieces – by the end of it, there were bits of stuff everywhere, pen marks all over things and a piece of greaseproof paper we’d used as tracing paper – a safe way to test ideas – covered in scrawl.

Bloody loved it. And we won, so it’s one up on a usual games night experience for both of us (but definitely for me!)

We’ve got another one – because I “accidentally” bought these when I was ordering some slug pellets online, obviously – that’s double the size and length of the standard games and, curiously, involves the use of a tealight. Which is included.

Colour me intrigued.