Jul 10, 2019: EDITH

We’ve had an all too rare (but we have a plan to fix that) trip out to the cinema tonight to get our Marvel fix with the new Spidey film. Because it’s been out for days and we never miss a Marvel at the cinema. Apart from, for some reason, anything Ant Man related. Which is weird.

Anyway, Spidey was awesome.

The best Spider-man movie ever. For sure. Hands down. Without a shadow of doubt. And if every Spidey film going forward can finish on a “What the fu…” that would be awesome because this one takes Aunt May’s discovery and multiplies it by a gazillion.

And it’s awesome.

It’s all awesome. So awesome.

A kid in the row in front of use kept standing up in excitement, hands in the air. I find, as an adult, I just grin about stuff a lot. There was a lot of grinning.

Especially at the bit when Carole leaned over to me and very quietly whispered, “Is he a baddie?”

Oh yes. He’s very much the baddie. And I hope for more. Even though I assume there can’t be. Although there could be because of the thing at the end and the thing just before the end and, yeah, that could definitely be a thing.

I was watching hoping, though, to catch a few easter eggs (because apparently they’re in there) that point at the future of the MCU. I think I made it about a minute or two into the film before I forgot all that and just watched the film. I need a second viewing. Or a third.

Or to find out what Phase 4 has in store and then watch it and pretend I noticed it all.

What I don’t need is one of the probably hundreds of YouTube videos telling me what I missed in Spider-Man. But I bet they’re out there, circling my recommendations feed…