Jul 11, 2019: Moths

While I was making tea, I was singing a happy little ditty about destroying everyone at games night. You know, one of those happy songs about the utter destruction of your friends and loved ones. The classic sort of stuff.

It didn’t quite go according to plan but… on balance, I won a fair few.

A new game was bought right there and then by one of our team of troublemakers – this week we got “told off” for having too much fun, our first rung on the ladder to being kicked out.

Cheating Moth, as you may expect, involves cheating. You basically have to empty your hand of cards and you can play them as normal, or just lose a few to the floor – one a turn – as you play. Cheating is not my strong point. So I was crap at the start. We revisited it at the end of the night and I won a couple of games. Once with one piece of cheating, and once with zero cheating whatsoever. Just skills. With a Z.

Mysterium was fun – a Cluedo-esque game with Dixit style gameplay and we won that. We actually won. I was scarily on a wavelength, mentally, that helped with communicating with the spirit’s abstract view of the world. But, alas, I used up all my creativity before we got to Dixit. Which I lost at. Hideously.

But also, one of the finest pieces of work I have ever done.

In Dixit, you use a word, phrase or sound to describe a card with a picture on. Everyone else chooses a card which they feel matches with your phrase, sound or word. And then they guess which one is the storyteller’s card.

It’s a stupidly simple concept.

My phrase: “A middle-eastern thief.”

My card: A pocket watch with no hands.

I mean, come on.

No one guessed it.

At all.


Lost big time. But still. Amazing work.

So I won a few. A definite up turn on the previous few weeks. There is hope for me yet. Maybe I will rise to be seen as a threat. Probably not. But maybe.

We’ve got a couple of weeks to practice, though, because it looks like we won’t be going next week. Or if we do, it’ll be just me. On my own Trying to befriend some other nerds.

I’m not ready for that.