Jul 12, 2019: Primer

I thought I’d surprise Carole today by priming the door we’re currently working on. She wouldn’t expect it, in the slightest, because I fricking hate painting.

I thought about doing it yesterday but opted, instead, to do ironing. Which I hate less.

So I did it this afternoon when I got in from work. I just figured if I got it done as soon as I got in then it was over and done with, job’s a good ‘un and all that.

And it was. And I did. And all is good with the world.

Haha, I thought. I won’t mention it and it will be a surprise.

Then Carole text something about wanting to wash the door down ready for painting and I went ahead and said I’d already done it, and done the first coat. I ruined the surprise myself. Within seconds of deciding I would leave it as a surprise. I could have responded to her text by saying, “ok.” Or something similar. But no, instead I go ahead and spoil what was, in many ways, my whole reason for doing it.

Like a fool.

But it’s okay, though. Because Carole then ruined it a little bit further.

She sent me, first, a string of emojis – love hearts, smiley faces and doors. Because when else are you going to use the door emojis? She really seemed to appreciate what I had done. I felt warm and fuzzy inside. It was nice.

And just as I was enjoying that wave, she sent a follow-up text which read,

“Undercoat, yeah?”

As though I wouldn’t have known to do that. As though I am so distanced from the concept of painting that I wouldn’t think to do undercoat first.

I realise this reads as though I really fucked up and did the paint without any undercoat. But I didn’t. Sorry.

I just find it insulting that she had to check that was what I had done. I mean, honestly.

What sort of a fool does she think I am?