Jul 16, 2019: Prime

I’ve spent today, in and amongst sorting out the wiring behind the TV, hanging around and trying to make the most of the Amazon Prime Day deals.

I was, for the first time ever (I think) only interested in the board games, so any that took my fancy I would put a watch on them and then hop back on when the deal started (via a series of unlabelled alarms) to snaffle up a discount bit of fun.

Which, I think I realise now, is an amateur move.

I missed out on a couple of things I really wanted because I was too slow. And by too slow I mean, it took me a couple of minutes to get from the alarm to the internet.

And boom, what I wanted was gone.

Some other stuff I magnificently netted and am happy with the haul, but the couple of things that slipped through my fingers would have really sweetened the deal. And kept us going at board game night for a good few weeks, I think.

Although, having said that, Daniel is coming for a visit on Saturday night – via a quick run through one of the rooms at work – so we’ll hopefully get a chance to play through some of the things at the weekend. And probably lose because, you know, it’s me.

Because as it stands at the minute we’re not hitting board game Thursday this week – Carole’s otherwise engaged, Nik’s not around and Addy and Joe are deserting us to go and play terrifying escape rooms in Derby. Which leaves just me. And I don’t fancy trying to make new friends and squeeze in on a game. So I’ll just stay at home and play some solo stuff. Unloved and unwanted.

Or pretend I’m two people so I can learn all the cool strats to beat Daniel on Saturday, and then everyone else on Thursday.

Actually, that sounds like a plan…

But still, Bunny Kingdom would have been nice to get my hands on. Damn you swift moving Amazonians…