Jul 22, 2019: Close

My dentist appointment for tomorrow is cancelled. Because it’s my dentist appointment and that’s what happens to me. I had to cancel the last one, this one is cancelled now and it’ll take me weeks to get another sorted.

This, then, means that my plan go to the dentist and then swing by the doctors to pick up my prescription has gone for a burton. The prescription, of course, being the one I could have collected last week when I was in Halifax going to my mum’s but I didn’t go because I was carrying that massive bottle of weed killer.


And it’s going to be really hot tomorrow, so I’ll have to go as early as possible to avoid being sweaty as anything.


However, Carole offered to drive me over this evening as the surgery is open later.

So we did.

And it wasn’t.

While it has an opening time until quarter to eight in the evening, this is for pre-booked appointments only (when you dig a lot deeper) so presumably, no appointments means no opening. And no opening means I’m back to going at stupid o’clock in the morning.


Still, at least I’ll not be lying awake all night wondering how many teeth the dentist is going to steal off me this time…