Jul 23, 2019: Warm

My journey into the environs of Halifax was absolutely everything you would imagine it to be.

I was ahead of the game, it felt, temperature-wise until about 9am when somehow a wave of heat descended upon the town and I went from comfortably warm to a dripping sweaty mess.

And then everything from there seemed to take ages to achieve. Just because I wanted it all to be over and to be at home in as few clothes as possible trying not to sweat on the furniture.

As a side note to this, having the Hive digital thermostat is turning us into those people who take pictures of the temperature gauge in their car, but with the house. I’ve checked it periodically over the day and while I considered the house to be cool, Thermy – as it has been affectionately named – told me it wasn’t. And then I’d sweat more. Like Pavlov’s dogs. But with a different response.

Anyway, the highlight of my journey was incorrectly guessing which side of the bus the sun would be on which meant that my plan to play on my Switch turned into forty minutes of being able to see a bit of game play but mainly the reflection of my face. Plus the bus was warm enough as to make me want to sleep.

But I got to read a text message being composed in front of me, which I enjoyed. A bald man was sending a music link to his friend. He’d searched on YouTube and attached the link to a message. He said something along the lines of “Here’s that band I was talking to you about. Feminist something something something metal. And it’s bloody good.”

And I thought, “Well, that is refreshing. This man here appreciating the work of women in a male-dominated genre of music that I don’t understand in the slightest. Well done him.”

And then he typed, “(for a couple of girls).”

As though he had actually learned nothing.