Jul 24, 2019: Warmer

It’s been quite warm recently, that probably hasn’t escaped your notice. The atmosphere is muggy as anything, sweat is pouring off everyone and the only decent thunderstorm happens in the middle of the night and I, among many others, regret not getting up to sit outside in it and watch its ionising brilliance.

Tomorrow is set to be the hottest day ever since records began and then some, apparently. Temperatures in the UK are going to soar into the top thirties and children will be playing in fountains which they’ll then slip in and hurt themselves and someone should be held responsible for that.

So I’m ready for the heat.

I’m going to spend tomorrow entirely naked and attached to a fan.

We’re off to board game night in a sweaty basement tomorrow as well, so that will be super fun.

But my issue is with the pensioners.

There’s no middle-ground with a pensioner.

They’re either stripped half-naked showing off most of the leathery skin for all to see, or still wearing coats like it’s winter.

What the hell is all that about?

Why can they not just wear t-shirts and be done with it. The nice, sensible middle ground. Why do they have to be togged up to the ears in fleecy material (with or without wolves on it) or swanning around with their OAP-moobs on full display?

And, more to the point, when did it become alright for half-naked people to use public transport. If you can’t put your feet on a seat, then you certainly shouldn’t be able to put your naked sweaty back on a seat either.

As you can tell, today has been quite traumatic in terms of what I have seen.

And it wasn’t even that warm, in the greater scheme of things. Today we had a breeze. We had moving air. It was lovely. Just nice. Until you got into work or onto a bus and then it was like someone was going at your face with a blowtorch.

But tomorrow… ugh…

I’m already not looking forward to it…