Jul 25, 2019: Sweaty

Thursday night is games night. Except when it isn’t.

And, honestly, there were times today when I considered suggesting we all sack it off because a basement full of sweaty nerds is not the best place to spend three and a half hours on a hot evening.

But hey, we did it.

And there weren’t as many sweaty nerds there tonight, probably because they were worried about the number of sweaty nerds that would be there.

But god it was hot. We managed to snag the table by the open (for air) fire door. Not that it made any different whatsoever when it came to the heat in the room due to a complete lack of breeze, but it was psychologically pleasing.

And then we busted out the games.

I didn’t win.

I mean, that goes without saying.

I came second with both the games we played.

Quarriors, the fun deck-building but with dice game seemed to take ages to play through. But a lot of it was teaching, more teaching and then a bit more teaching. And toilet breaks, drinks runs and general tomfoolery.

I came second. I could have won. But I didn’t. Again, it was Joe who won. Joe who has an uncanny ability to act like he doesn’t understand any of the rules – playing things wrongly, and the like – and then coming out on top. Carole does a similar thing. But she’s met her match when up against Joe.

But it was Photosynthesis where I really thought I’d shine (like the sun in the game, ho ho). Following my disastrous first for a into the game over the weekend, I thought I had found my tree-growing groove and was getting to grips with the strategies involved in over-shadowing opponents and generally being awesome.

I was absolutely convinced I’d won.


100% convinced.

There was absolutely no doubt in my mind.

I did not win.

Carole won.

Which, in some ways, is worse than Joe or Addy winning. Because I don’t see them as much, so the gloating is reduced.

I had 65 points. I was so sure that was enough to win.

We all add our scores up at the end of the game. I keep quiet. As, I say, absolutely sure I have won. I don’t want to reveal it too soon. You know, I’m a good gamer like that. Keep up the morale.

Then Carole just shouts out, “I’ve got 80.”

If people really did flip tables, I’d have flipped a table.

Gutted doesn’t even come close.

I had sweat myself silly in a room for three-plus hours and had nothing to show for it.

Same again next week, guys.

Apart from the heat. The weather can do one.