Jul 27, 2019: Andre

I have, I will freely admit, underestimated the heaviness of the rain today. Although, to be fair, it’s covered every type from spitting to bouncing down.

And it’s too warm for a coat.

So I have got quite wet today in my “I’m only going from home to the bus, bus to work, work to bus and bus to home” smugness of how wet can I possibly get.

And you know what, I have enjoyed every single glorious drop of it.

My normal reaction is to hunch in on myself, face screwed up against the elements. Not today. Today I have been exactly like Peter Andre in the Mysterious Girl video.

Exactly. Like.

Enjoy your mental image, kids.

In work, however, despite the cooling rain and delightful breeze it has been a sweat-filled fun fest. Even with all the windows open, and all the fans going it’s been a veritable Jakey oven.

So, as I’ve been watching people walk through town in plastic ponchos (very much the 2000s version of the old foldable granny rain hats of yesteryear) I have been eagerly awaiting the end of work so I could walk in the rain. I even left a bit earlier so I could dawdle to the bus stop, whereas I would normally leave as late as possible and move as quickly as I could to remain as dry and/or warm as I could manage.

Just like Peter Andre in that waterfall.

Exactly the same.