Jul 28, 2019: Room

We’ve had a day out today, enjoying the sights and sounds of Derby and Nottingham.

Well, I say that, we’ve had a day out enjoying some of the escape rooms of Derby and Nottingham.

It was – at long last – time for us to play the newest game at Unescapable in Derby. Unescapable is owned by my boss, and I’ve had many a “do you want to see what I’ve built?” or “have a look at this…” moment during the build of this room that it was nice to go and finally play it.

I really, really enjoyed it. And I’m not just saying that because if I don’t I’ll find no wages tomorrow. It was a really good room.

A good start to a day filled with (originally five more) three more rooms to play in.

The next two rooms were not so good. We headed to Escapologic in Nottingham to retrieve a golden arrow from their Robin Of Locksley room and save the world from almost certain death in Epi Centre.

There is a lot of flair in these rooms. They look the part. They really look the part. In Robin, I was really liking the décor of the room we started in. But then things didn’t work properly, and that set the tone for the rest of the room. It is a new-ish room so there are teething troubles, but it still should, would and could have been better, And after that it was hard to know if we were doing something right or if it was another broken thing. My whelm was not troubled too much. I liked it – there was a slide… woo! But I didn’t think it was anything special.

Epi Centre hit me the same. The room looked good, but there didn’t seem to be much to do – there were four of us, and we stood around a lot because something could only really be done by one or two people.

There are another five rooms there and I’m not sure I want to do any of them. I sort of wanted to before hand… but now, I don’t know. Maybe when we’re really short of places to go. But there are better places to play.

Like… Cave Escape! I was really looking forward to this. Fighting Dracula. In a cave. Under Nottingham. I mean, if there were tick boxes they would all be ticked.

We had an hour and a bit to kill after Epi Centre, before we could descend into the subterranean world. We sat around, had a drink, chatted. We walked halfway across Nottingham. We went into the Kitty Café – £6 entry fee alone – illegally stroked a cat (we had not paid) and left because there were no tables available. Even though it looked mostly empty.

And then we went to Cave Escape…

… which is where we found out that my boss had not actually received a confirmation to his request to play this afternoon.

Sadness befell us all.

We comfort ate a lot of chickens in Nando’s.

But we’ll go back and try it again – this time with more confirmations. Maybe not to Escapologic, though, as it was a bit bobbins. But Dracula in a cave is definitely happening, and maybe their second room – based around the Monuments Men – will be available for play too. And hopefully we’ll actually be allowed in.

And then, to cap it off, we discovered that work has a leak and the ceiling tiles are falling down. Well, one of them.

It never rains, but it pours.

Which, apparently, is the problem.