Aug 2, 2019: Time

Avengers: Endgame was a great movie – a really, really good movie. And when it came out, it was in the news for a variety of reasons. And then there was that bit where that guy has made a less feminist version of the film in which there are next to no girls doing anything. Just the guys, saving the day because he was in some way offended by the idea of Captain Marvel.

And then there was the bit where it beat Avatar which is well deserved because Avatar is just Ferngully with a bigger budget.

And now it’s on digital download or whatever it’s back in the news because people have access to director’s commentaries now so can pick apart what’s being said.

And, somehow, it’s important to note that Angela Bassett (who was in Black Panther, and appears in Endgame) has not seen the movie. That’s a headline.

But yes, the big thing now is that the directors decided to go with time travel in Endgame (spoilers, sweetie) even though it’s ludicrous.

Because up until that point the entire MCU had been firmly grounded in reality.

It made me chuckle a lot, the way that the story has been reported. As though there were people across the globe sitting down in cinemas to see the film and then as soon as time travel popped up were just storming out due to the completely ridiculous notion of it.

“I can take a man being reduced to the size of an ant, or a guy being exposed to radiation and becoming a big green monster instead of getting cancer… but time travel… NO!” and throwing their popcorn to the floor in disgust.

I assume this happens a lot, because the floors of cinemas are littered in thrown popcorn.

I have heard disgust and outrage like that in the cinema though.

I remember going to watch a film and the trailer for Jack The Giant Slayer came on. And the group of guys in the seats behind us loudly went, “Ugh! Are there no original ideas in cinema anymore?” incredulous that someone would dare to make a film based on a fairy tale.

And, of course, we all – at that time – were in the cinema to see a groundbreaking work of fiction, the likes of which had never, ever been seen before.

It was fricking Die Hard 5.

And they were complaining about a film based on a fairy tale as not being original.

So the time travel thing, I bet that group lost their minds…