Aug 3, 2019: Scenic

We’re having some debate, Carole and I, with regards to our drive up to Edinburgh tomorrow.

It has become tradition to swing off the main drag of the A1 and drink in some sights, sounds or other atmospheric nonsense. That, along with stop at the England-Scotland border to take a selfie, has become the staple of our trip.

The first year, we headed towards Lindisfarne for a nosey. We didn’t go across as we’d not check the tides or anything – it being a complete whim – and the tide was very much in. People doubted our – Carole’s – ability to drive to Edinburgh, for some reason, so we took a picture of a van’s wheel up to halfway in the water and pretended things had gone wrong. Such fun.

We’ve called off at St Abbs in the past, or the area just outside St Abbs at least, and walked along cliff tops looking at the sea. But that was before it was twinned with New Asgard, having played home to Thor in the Endgame movie, so we’re considering swinging by there again. Partly because we’ve seen a sign in a photo shoot which says “St Abbs twinned with New Asgard” which were knocked up by Scottish Borders Council. I don’t know if they’re out and about, though.

But there are numerous scenic coastal routes too. Last year we hit up Seahouses and drove past Bamburgh Castle. Carole wants to stop off there for a nosey this year. It is pretty nifty looking, to be fair. And having jumped off it in a video game it’d be fun to see for real.

Or maybe something else will catch our eye on the way. I’m basically scanning the road signs and the road atlas all the way up, looking for anything that sounds interesting.

Or maybe we’ll just got A1 all the way and not stop for anything.

Except toilet stops in really weird (read: serial killer-y) places.