I usually keep my blogs – and my life – Trump free. But the straw-haired bullshit machine has strayed into my lane. So we can’t leave it untouched.

Obama has criticised Trump’s actions, statements and general attitude to mass shootings in the wake of the two most recent events. So Trump has gone on the defensive, by quoting a bellend from Fox and Friends (Trump’s wank material of choice) who said that Obama had 32 shootings during his reign, whereas Trump has only had 17.

During his eight year reign, that is. Versus Trump’s three years.

If you care to extrapolate such things, Trump is already over halfway to Obama’s total in less than half the time. Which is appalling. But Trump would tead that as being better, because he’s winning.

But then, he’s moved on to blame videogames. Hello Donald, you’re in my playground now.

I’m not going to mention the countless studies that have not found any proven link between video games and increased violence. I’m also not going to deny that there are – and will continue to be – people who are influenced by things they see, be that horror movies, rock and roll or video games. Or Harry Potter, or Good Omens – both of which are said to glorify demonic nonsense.

But if you take Trump’s “grrr video games” and run with it, what the hell is going to happen when the rest of the world gets video games? We are all fucked. I mean if one country can go off the rails because of call of duty, what’s going to happen to the other 190+ countries (thanks Ivo Graham) of the wor…

What? Video games are already out there in the world? And other countries are not shooting the living shit out of each other? But video games are evil, that is the whole reason for it. And yet…

What could it be then? What could be one of the factors leading to all this shooting then. Everywhere has the video games and yet everywhere doesn’t have the shootings.

There’s something else. Some other factor that someone, somewhere must be overlooking.

Some other trigger, if you will.

If only we could work out what it is…