Aug 12, 2019: Manc

Three more rooms today, all of them successful escapes. I think eight rooms will do for this month now, but who’s to say?

We went to Breakout Manchester to escape from a few of their rooms as part of my tiny work colleague’s birthday. She’s picked three rooms – a team race in a secret agent room, a trip to a demon-worshipping cabin in the woods and a visit to a cursed carnival.

We ended up in randomly assigned teams for the racing room – boys versus girls – which meant we had one extra player. And we smashed it. It was a fun little run through a variety of activities and puzzles, but the boys finished it in just over half an hour and the girls came in a little bit later than that.

Forsaken, a demon-themed cabin in the woods was next, and it’s the hardest room they have with a quite low success rate. It’s mainly the hardest because some of the puzzles are ridiculous in very much a “why would you even do that?” kind of way. We still got out, but I’m not sure our whelm was too troubled in the process.

The Cursed Carnival, though, was a fun romp through a circus themed hunt for a freaky doll. It incorporated all the favourites – clowns, silly circus games, halls of mirrors and balloons. It wasn’t too taxing, either, as we sped through with twenty minutes left on the clock. I’ll be honest, I was sad when it ended as I quite enjoyed the different rooms we went through but the puzzles, again, weren’t very tricky.

I think we’d probably have a go at a few other rooms there though. There are a good few more to go at – but I don’t think they’re going to push us to our limits, particularly…