Aug 21, 2019: Underoos

I think, waking up this morning and reading the news. was one of the saddest mornings ever. Absolutely heartbreaking. And I don’t mean the bit about David Attenborough now wading in on Brexit.

I mean the bit about Spider-Man and the MCU parting company.

Marvel sold off the rights to a fair few of their characters, when times were tight, to other companies. And there has been mixed success. By which I mean, mainly poor but some alright stuff. Spider-Man, as a Sony only, has dabbled from good to bad to the one with the symbiote suit and the dancing.

But when it was announced that a deal had been set to allow Spidey to appear in the MCU it was like a glorious little shining light of lovely. And it provided the heart of the Infinity War-Endgame storyline.

And Homecoming and Far From Home were awesome.

But now the deal has soured a little because Disney and Marvel said, “Hey, can we have an equal share to the monies we make on these Spidey movies.” And Sony went, “No.” And Marvel went, “but we drew him in the first place.” And Sony went, “Meh, we paid for him aaaages ago. We got him at a bargain price. And now we’re swimming in our money towers like Scrooge McDuck… oo, hey, Disney, is Scrooge McDuck for sale?”

I imagine that’s how it happened.

So any future Spidey films won’t have Kevin Feige overseeing the whole thing.

Now… some people are okay with this. Most are not.

I am not. It sucks balls. Spider should be in the MCU, he always should have been. And with Marvel pulling back the Fantastic Four and the X-Men, it seems bloody stupid to have these characters titting around on the outside of an expansive universe.

Also the last time anyone did anything like this – continued a successful series – without the proper oversight or understanding of the source material and the worlds in which it dwelled – we (you, not we – I couldn’t give a toss) got Game Of Thrones Season 8. Which everyone cries about.


And it was funny then. Because dragon nerds were upset.

But now it’s happening to me and frankly the prospect of there never being a Doctor Strange and Spider-Man buddy movie now really fricking steams my milk.