Aug 23, 2019: Code

Possibly spurred on by Carole’s embrace of the Oen University, or conversely her attempts at learning French, I have decided to learn computing languages beccause that’s precisely what a forty-something year old man desperately trying to stay relevant would do. I am but a soul patch, flat cap and twenty years too far away from being a hipster.

I am currently learning C#. I won’t impress you with how much I know. No, seriously. I won’t. I’ve only really started. I muddle my way through the exercises and some of it sinks in and other bits just pass me by. Some of it makes me think, “Ok, and when you were developing this code, that’s the best way you could come up with to do that?” and some of it is just magical and makes instant sense.

I’m learning on my phone, via an app. I have stuff installed on the PC to dabble further but it’s very much the baby steps now. I dabbled in this a couple of years ago and did a tutorial which allowed me to roll a ball around a table, but I can’t pretend to have really understood what I was doing so much as copying most of it and going “ooook”.

But now… well, it’s the same. But I have tests to complete in bit size modules. And it makes a bit more sense. I can even read through code and work out what the output would be. As long as that said code is no more than three lines long and very basic. I am excelling at this shizz.

But the app I use is called SoloLearn.



Every single time I open up the app, it bombards me with an ad for the premium ad free version (no thanks, mate. I can make do with an add halfway through each section, thank you) and then suggests that I join up with friends to learn faster.

I’m not sure how introducing more people into the mix can help an individual learn faster. If anything, increase in class sizes is seen as somewhat detrimental when it comes to focused learning, as I understand it. Having more people around doesn’t magically make you learn better. If anything it’s a pissing distraction, with their questions and their smugness and their knowing what they’re doing.

Secondly, and this is my main gripe, the app is called SoloLearn.


As in, on your lonesome.

Or the space cowboy.

But probably, mainly, the on your own bit.

I assume it’s meant to embody the solo spirit as in you don’t need an educational facility to learn this stuff but either way, I don’t think something called SoloLearn should be almost forcing me to go out into the big wide world (or at the very least click on the tab that’s a bit like Facebook but with more nerds) and try and befriend a spod.

I’m learning loops at the moment. Quite appropriately. It works well for each log in. Because it’s a loop in which I refuse to get friends. Every time.

I was going to write that in code down here, but I’m not ready to be judged by the world.

And I don’t have any friends to bounce it off (see above), so…