Aug 25, 2019: Early

Carole’s lingering illness – basically she’s down to a cough which just hangs around enough to be annoying – has turned out to be quite productive.

When she was first ill, she banished herself to the back bedroom, and would lie pathetically with her squeaky lack of a voice. Then when the phlegm came she would lie there hacking up lungs left, right and centre.

But she’d awaken at 3am, and take herself downstairs for a medicinal hot chocolate before returning to bed and reading.

Now at the tail-end if her germ fest, this continues. She’s waking at ungodly hours for reasons no-one really understands. But she’s become more productive. No longer shuffling for medicinal chocolate, she’s tidying up or – this weekend – outside, gardening with the sunrise.

If this carries on I’m going to start leaving out stuff we’ve been meaning to do for ages. You know, just to tap into not only this extra time that she seems to have generated, but also this extra productivity.

It does make me think, though, that a good portion of her OU degree is going to be done before most normal folk wake up…