Aug 26, 2019: Games

I booked today off work, as a last minute thing, so that Carole and I could spend some quality time together. Because with working in the evenings and at weekends, and Carole working during the day, time together can be rare. But it’s been really bloody good as of late. So I want to enjoy that as much as possible.

So, naturally, we played board games.

I lost, obviously. But we only played one where we actually lost. The other was one of the Exit The Game boxes which boasted a two-part adventure in one box.

With a candle included.

Which was intriguing, to say the least.

We smashed the first part of the game, coming it at just about an hour of solving. Some of the puzzles were pretty bloody clever. Like stop what you’re doing and appreciate how clever they are clever. And one was just beautiful in the way in which it trolled the players.

But the second half took a lot longer. A lot longer. Some of those puzzles were tricky. Some of the stuff we learnt from the first part we forgot to carry over to the second, and we could have got a right ol’ move on if we’d just, basically, repeated something we did – with a hint – at the start of the game. But hey ho… the second part weighed in at nearly two hours.

I blame the fact we stopped for lunch. Statistically, whatever we’re doing – DIY, gardening, whatever – it falls by the wayside after we break for lunch. And now that also extends into boardgames, it would appear.

After that, though, we hit Charterstone. A game I have had a crush on for a while. I have seen it on various Instagram things, and loved the look of it. But I got it during Amazon Prime, and it’s lovely stuff. I lost. Big style. But luckily, it’s not like there’s a place in the game materials to track tha… what? Oh is there?

Yes. There bloody is. A space to track your performance in each game. Colour in a trophy if you win. Colour in stars according to how many points you got. And it all carries over to the next game.

I did not do a lot of colouring.

I’m not sure how Carole did as much colouring as she did, either. But she definitely won. Beat me hands down. But I was too preoccupied trying to understand the rules. That’s my excuse.

Especially as it’s a game that builds itself as you go, so we were sticking stickers in the rule book as we went.

Still, I’m sure Herby (yes, I’m still using the scone recipe as a character name) can pull it back next time.