Aug 29, 2019: Thursday

Thursday Night is games night!

After a long absence from the sticky tables and lingering smell of sweat, we’re back doing what we do best. Or in my case, just what we do.

But after so long, tonight seemed like a struggle.

For starters I’ve spent the last twenty-four hours evacuating much of what was in my body in a series of violent, and troubled, toilet trips. And then Carole’s had a hard day at work doing a lot of end of end of resits work and is exhausted.

So she wasn’t paying much attention. And I had quite a short fuse for nonsense.

So when the first game(Bargain Quest) – which I enjoyed – was being explained Carole was drifting off. She couldn’t have been more clear in her body language or general actions that she didn’t give a monkeys what we were doing. She didn’t listen during the instructions – yes, there were quite a lot to go at – and so then didn’t follow the flow of the game. Which led to her hating it. And from that point on it seemed to take forever before it was over. It lasted a hell of a long time. Whether it was supposed to or it was just because Carole didn’t know what to do which added time, plus the endless piss-taking and general tomfoolery I don’t know. But it took a while.

And then we played Celestia and Carole perked the hell up. My fuse was still quite short, though.

Celestia is one of those games where you can play to be greedy, but being greedy doesn’t always mean you’re going to be on the fun side of success. Playing as passengers on an airship, we’re taking it turns to use our power cards to overcome various obstacles or send the airship crashing to the ground. Do you want to chance you life on the actions of the next captain, or do you want to hop off the airship now while you’re nice and safe and claim the treasures you will find?

The group we play with varies from the cautious end of the spectrum all the way up to the waaay to competitive and greedy end. So games like these are perfect for our crew if for no other reason that the greedier members of the team don’t tend to come out on top very often. In fact, sometimes, they find themselves thrown off the ship right at the beginning of the journey just because it would be funny.

I actually won a round of it too, which was nice. Playing somewhere in the middle of the greedy/cautious venn diagram actually paid off for me, for once. And just once, actually. But hey, a win is a win is a win.

And is super rare. So we take them where we can get them.

And having spent decent portions of the day on the loo, a win was exactly what was needed!