Aug 30, 2019: Gregg

I leave for work, usually, an hour and a half before the game I’m running is due to start.

It takes twenty minutes or so on the bus to get into town, so I am – on the whole – hugely early because the actual set up of the rooms takes very little time and assuming there are no technical gremlins buggering things up, everything can be set up in around five or ten minutes.

So I am early.

But I like that. Because it means I can do little things about the place. Straighten up, tidy things away, clean, polish, hoover. General day-to-day maintenance type stuff. Like, for instance, sitting here now I know that tomorrow I could do with fastening something back onto the wall lest it fall over and crush someone – not that I think it will, and no-one knows how long it hasn’t been attached to the wall and it certainly hasn’t done it yet – but it’s something that needs doing.

I’d have done it today, except my twenty minute bus ride took the best part of an hour. I didn’t really notice – which is good, because otherwise I get stressy about it all – because I had my head in a book. Although, in hindsight, I did read a lot more than I normally manage on the bus, so that should have been a clue.

So I arrived in town about twenty five minutes before the game was due to start. Which is about fifteen minutes or so before we ask the players to arrive.

And I was starving having not eaten much yesterday, or for breakfast, due to yesterday’s issues.

So I quickly nipped into the Greggs in the bus station. Because if there’s one place you can be guaranteed prompt and swift service it’s Greggs. I mean, it’s not, is it? It’s the worst place I could have gone. But the closest. So the default winner.

Cheese sandwich. Sausage roll.


The sausage rolls were even fresh from the oven. I mean, that’s so rare as to be almost heralded as a legend. But it happened. I saw it. Fresh sausage rolls.

I get my wares, pay for them and throw them in my bag.

Sausage roll, scorchingly hot. And a cheese sandwich.

I go to work, set up and wait for the arrival of my team.

They come, I get them off and running and then grab my lunch.

The sausage roll – fresh from the oven – has melted the cheese in the sandwich.

As if I didn’t suffer enough yesterday.