Sep 1, 2019: Charterstone

Carole has never, since we started tabletop gaming, been a fan of the long-haul games. The complexities of a three-plus-hour grindfest does not fill her with nerdic joy. I, on the other hand, fancy embarking on a journey of such magnitude because they’re the sort of game I won’t realise I’m losing until much further in.

Carole does, however, love a bit of a legacy game.

So now the possibilities open up – if we play a long game but split it into sections we might be able to tick all the boxes.

I say she loves a bit of a legacy game as we tackled game two of Charterstone where we both played better and I gave her a run for her money in the points stakes. I mean, I still lost, but mot by much. And I got to colour in a few more things on my glory tracker than Game 1’s dismal one star!

It’s also good to see how Carole works, you know, morally. Presented with a choice at the end she embraced the darker option driven by a belief that gold is good. There was an angry king there and everything, but she still went for it. And those are the choices we’ll have to live withgoing forward. How that will impact the game, we don’t know but each of the actions we make is a ripple on a far bigger multi-game pond that we don’t understand yet.

Although I definitely understand I need to win a game if Carole’s going with the dark side this early on!