Sep 3, 2019: Bake

Last night, in the macaroni cheese filled hour we had together, Carole lovingly told me that she’d really prefer it if I wasn’t in tonight because it was Bake Off.

I’ve not dabbled in Bake Off since the move to Channel 4. I’ve always disliked Prue Leith and I’m not really that enamoured with Paul Hollywood either so the dream ended when the Beeb lost it.

Carole, however, is all for it. And she’s in some sort of draw at work where they all pick a baker and the loser each week (based on eliminated baker) has to bake.

Anyway, I said it’d be fine. I would play on the conputer, quietly, in a corner. She wouldn’t even know I was there.

I think she’s pulled some strings because I’m here, at work. No Bake Off for me.

I suspect, as I suggested quietly sitting in a cornrr, she remember how I tried to do that during Discovery Of Witches but ended up spending my quiet time – and ruining Carole’s enjoyment of the show – by belittling the terrible acting. From people, in some cases, who could actually act.

So I think she’s arranged it all. She’s had Addy ring in sick so I’ll have to take the shifts for this evening. So I can’t sit there, in a corner, computer forgotten slagging iff whatever the baking equivalents of Lindsey Duncan and Alex Kingston are.

Crafty so-and-so!